Price List as follows:

$  4.00 per person      Jump n Play        15 minutes
$  7.00 per person      Jump n Play        30 minutes
$10.00 per person      Jump n Play        45 minutes
$13.00 per person      Jump n Play        60 minutes
$  3.00 per person      Spectator Fee    To remain SEATED where provided.
Spectator(s)     Please respect this request so the kids can play freely.

NEW RULES APPLY to Adult Supervision & Play
Children who require supervision must be accompanied by a FULL paying adult.  Please follow our Hygiene requirements for play.

We recommend that you book in advance as the school holidays and weekends are our busiest times.

You must arrive 5 minutes before your session to allow time for check in.

Please pre-book your session by phoning 09-407-8624
or email